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Milton & Nathan raised over 1.3 MILLION DOLLARS in the first year alone while perfecting this now infamous 10X Crowdfunding System™. 

After 18 months of development (and major re-development + upgrades in 2014) it is now available to the public for a limited time. Milton & Nathan have helped thousands of crowdfunders raise more money on Indiegogo using this proven 10 day system. 

Milton & Nathan began working on the 10X Crowdfunding System™ back in 2009 while doing freelance development work with a famous crowdfunding platform. While working at a now famous crowdfunding platform (which we will leave unnamed), he first learned about a “back door” that crowdfunders were using to raise tens of thousands of dollars from crowdfunders browsing the platform.

This “back door” was the key to Milton & Nathan’s discovery and the key to their fundraising success through crowdfunding.  After several months of research and testing on other projects they were finally ready to launch their own Indiegogo campaign. For Milton’s very first Indiegogo project he set a modest goal of $20,000 and set the campaign duration for exactly 30 days.

Within the first 3 weeks Milton was able to get the project boosted to the top pages, featured in the newsletter, and the trending sections of Indiegogo. By the 4th week it was overfunded. All that with zero marketing, zero budget, and zero extra promotions. Milton soon realized that he discovered the holly grail of crowdfunding.

They soon perfected the system and strengthened the boosting process to only 10+ days. It’s been nearly 8 years since Milton & Nathan first discovered the 10X Crowdfunding System™. Since then it has been a rollercoaster road for both of them. They have successfully crowdfunded multiple projects, raised huge amounts of cash on Indiegogo, and also gotten into bitter legal disputes with the former crowdfunding platform for revealing the information they discovered. Milton & Nathan have also been threatened by many non-boosted crowdfunding projects for “stealing all the thunder” and “cheating the system” using their program.

Milton & Nathan no longer need to launch their own projects on Indiegogo. They’ve done everything under the sun and have literally run out of ideas for new projects. Milton & Nathan prefer to spend their time helping other crowdfunders launch their own ideas. Their 10X crowdfunding system is legally available to qualifying projects who want this proven 10 day boosting system for their Indiegogo project (for a small fee of course). All proceeds go to funding Milton and Nathan’s improvements to the system and their other crowdfunding endeavors to benefit the entire community.

Since 2009 they also have a running wager that if anyone can crack their 10X Crowdfunding System and replicate it 100% then Milton will give them a free trip to Hawaii! So far nobody has been able to do it successfully. 

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  • Have 10 Days or More Remaining
  • Not A Duplicate Project (only one at a time please)
  • No Failed Projects Within Last 30 Days

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    July 24, 2017 @ 9:35 pm

    Okay crowdfunders can instantly get their projects more recognition with the Indiegogo community with this. I am very pleased that you provide this help to people like me.